Finding The Right Type of Psychic For You

PsychicPsychics can use their abilities to help you overcome problems large and small, but psychics, like any other person or business, each have different specialties or services that they offer. This can make it difficult to decide which type of psychic is the right fit for your problem. In order to get the most out of your psychic reading it is important that you find the psychic network who offers the right service for you.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a special type of playing card that come in decks of seventy-eight, rather than the traditional fifty-two. Early in their history they were used to play card games that required a special deck, but from the 18th century onwards they have been used by psychics for numerous purposes. A Tarot deck consists of twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, and fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana, broken into the suits of swords, batons, coins, and cups.

There are two type of Tarot readings that psychics offer: Question Readings and Open Readings. For a Question Reading you pose a question or ask for advice on an aspect of your life. While the topic should be focused, it is important to avoid approaching the reading with a preconceived idea of the solution as this will prevent the cards from helping guide your decision.

This type of Tarot reading can be helpful when you’ve hit a roadblock in your life or are facing recurring, stressful problems.

Open Readings are less focused than Question Readings, but can be directed on to broad topics such as family, relationships, or health. These readings can be helpful for providing you with an idea of the general direction of your life. While nothing is set in stone, these can show where your momentum is bringing you and provide you with insight to change your life for the better.

This type of reading can be helpful when you are feeling directionless in life or are about to make a big change such as moving across the country, changing jobs, or getting married.

Palm Reading

palmistryPalm reading relies on the idea that you can learn about yourself and your future by looking at the lines and bumps on your hand. Each feature, such as the life line, heart line, or fate line holds a different meaning and says different things about a person.

Traditionally, a palm reader will begin by reading your dominant hand, which shows your outer personality and the things that you show to the world. The reader will then move to the non-dominant hand which reveals more about your inner self.

This type of reading is useful when you feel introspective or feel that you aren’t living up to your potential. Palm readings reveal the facets of yourself that you show to the world, as well as those that you keep within you, providing direction for your attempts to change yourself.


Even people who aren’t inclined to visit a psychic are familiar with Astrology due to the fact that many major publications include horoscopes for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Beyond the general advice provided for everyone with a certain signs, psychics can provide Astrological readings that show trends or events in your life. These readings are based on the current alignment of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies when compared to their alignment on the date of your birth.

Astrological readings are most useful when the issue you are facing is time dependent, because the alignment of planets and stars is also time dependent.


Cleromantic readings have a history dating back to ancient Rome where fortunetellers had clients draw lots or toss them like dice. Each object will have something inscribed on it, whether that be a name, number, or saying. Which lots are drawn or how the fall when tossed show the will of fate or the gods and can be used to determine the outcome of an event.

These readings can be valuable when you are going to be entering an unpredictable situation due to the use of a supposedly random events.


It can be difficult to determine exactly what type of psychic reading will be most helpful for you simply because of how many types of psychic readings there are. Thankfully, whether you need a Tarot reading, Astrological guidance, or a bit of Palmistry, there is sure to be a psychic who will be able to provide the help you need.

How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

psychic readerThe desire to peer into the unknown world has been a natural desire for as long as human kind has existed. Many people look to be able to stay in touch with departed loved ones as well as examine the present for indications of what will happen in the future. There are many ways that it is possible to accomplish such goals. Various methods and people have access to this kind of information. Those who are do often choose to share their knowledge with others. In order to be able to gain such access, many practitioners of this kind of art ask certain things of their potential clients. It is important to be aware of what kind of preparation are necessary in order to get the best possible results from such readings.

Have Very Clear Goals

Before entering into a session with a psychic, it is important for the client to think about their goals for the reading. This may include the desire to find out what a loved one is doing in the next life, help with one’s life plans and goals or even just the ability to feel reassured that one’s individual future has a great deal of potential. It is also important to think about the kind of contact that is desired during the session. Speaking freely during the reading can help the client get the most from the reading they are sponsoring for themselves or even for another person.

Bring Specific Information For the Reading

Many people choose to bring specific items such as something their loved one held dear for examination during the session such as a favorite scarf or a ring. It can also help the reading if the person has specific information to offer such as exact birthdays including the precise time when someone was born. This can allow the psychic to offer details that can be useful for specific plans such as creating horoscopes for the person and helping them to predict what may be the best course of action in any particular given circumstances where such advice is sought.

Be Relaxed and Calm

Such readings tend to work best when a client is relaxed. Anxiety and other upsetting emotions may make it hard for the psychic to help their clients. In many cases, people need to be able to let their minds open up to what the psychic has to offer them. Many people find that it can be highly useful to engage in practices intended to help clear the mind and remain calm such as meditation before a session begins. Allowing at least twenty minutes to clear one’s mind and focus on being calm and relaxed can allow the session to precede more smoothly. Find a corner somewhere beforehand and concentrate carefully on a single object. This kind of mindfulness can allow the person to get the most out of any planned reading.


Psychic Readings In New Orleans – What You Need To Know!

New Orleans has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in America, and as a result, serves as a magnet for people who claim to possess spiritual abilities and see into the future. There are also families who are said to possess the gift of sight. Although there are plenty of imposters on Bourbon Street who peddle unsuspecting tourists out of their money with $5 palm readings, there is a rich history of magic that brought them – and the real psychics – to the city in the first place.

new orleans

Brief History of Psychics in New Orleans

The supernatural history of New Orleans is as rich and extensive as the history of the city itself. The most famous stories that revolve around the city involve ghosts, be it the spirits of slave masters or slaves, and anyone else who couldn’t cross over to the other side after their demise. There were people who claimed to have the ability to communicate or see these specters, and the most grounded roots of reports of psychic readings in New Orleans can date back to the 1800’s, in communities where people avidly practiced the Voodoo religion.

What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is a Haitian folk religion that is composed of African magical beliefs and practices and certain Catholic elements. It arrived in New World with the slaves, most of which originated from the western “Slave Coast” of Africa that contains countries such as Africa, Benin and Nigeria. Voodoo centers around the worship of loa, which are supernatural entities, as well as ancestral dead. Worship rituals are composed of dancing, drumming, and chanting where it is believed that loa may possess those who are truly faithful.

Voodoo arrived from Haiti to New Orleans following the Haitian slave revolt (1791-1804), and this is most likely where the first time in which the practice of magic (which would lead to modern day psychic readings) began.

Marie Laveau

The most recognized figure in New Orleans Voodoo is Marie Lavevau, the “Voodoo Queen”. She was born the illegitimate daughter of a Croatian plantation owner, Charles Laveaux, and his Haitian mistress, in the city in 1774.  She was introduced to the practice of voodoo by various “voodoo doctors” (members who studied and practiced occult magic), and later went on to become acquainted with New Orelean’s social elite due to her job as a hairdresser. It wasn’t long before she was sought after for her dispensed potions, voodoo dolls, gris-gris bags (a pouch filled with animal bones and other magical ingredients meant to ward off demons and evil entities) and other various magical items.

Today, her name can be heard on a myriad of New Orleans tours, and tales about her alleged powers beyond the mere practice of voodoo still exist among some circles today.

Modern Day Psychic-ism in New Orleans

Today, New Orleans is home to dozens upon dozens of psychics claiming to possess the ability to predict the future or communicate with the deceased. They’re often found in some over-the-top, Gypsy-like garb in front of a folding card table with a handwritten sign offering live psychic readings. These aren’t the psychics true believers venture to the Big Easy for.

The most popular psychics today in New Orleans include people such as Cari Roy, the most acclaimed and trusted psychic in the city who is a third-generation medium. She has been featured on programs on the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, Fox News and the Travel Channel. She publishes an online magazine entitled The Psychic Insider, and has a slew of dedicated followers who come to her for counsel and advice.

While Cari Roy may not be as renowned or revered as Marie Laveau, she is just another example of the abundant history that has attributed to New Orleans’ reputation as one of the most unique and intriguing cities in the world.