Psychic Readings In New Orleans – What You Need To Know!

New Orleans has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in America, and as a result, serves as a magnet for people who claim to possess spiritual abilities and see into the future. There are also families who are said to possess the gift of sight. Although there are plenty of imposters on Bourbon Street who peddle unsuspecting tourists out of their money with $5 palm readings, there is a rich history of magic that brought them – and the real psychics – to the city in the first place.

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Brief History of Psychics in New Orleans

The supernatural history of New Orleans is as rich and extensive as the history of the city itself. The most famous stories that revolve around the city involve ghosts, be it the spirits of slave masters or slaves, and anyone else who couldn’t cross over to the other side after their demise. There were people who claimed to have the ability to communicate or see these specters, and the most grounded roots of reports of psychic readings in New Orleans can date back to the 1800’s, in communities where people avidly practiced the Voodoo religion.

What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is a Haitian folk religion that is composed of African magical beliefs and practices and certain Catholic elements. It arrived in New World with the slaves, most of which originated from the western “Slave Coast” of Africa that contains countries such as Africa, Benin and Nigeria. Voodoo centers around the worship of loa, which are supernatural entities, as well as ancestral dead. Worship rituals are composed of dancing, drumming, and chanting where it is believed that loa may possess those who are truly faithful.

Voodoo arrived from Haiti to New Orleans following the Haitian slave revolt (1791-1804), and this is most likely where the first time in which the practice of magic (which would lead to modern day psychic readings) began.

Marie Laveau

The most recognized figure in New Orleans Voodoo is Marie Lavevau, the “Voodoo Queen”. She was born the illegitimate daughter of a Croatian plantation owner, Charles Laveaux, and his Haitian mistress, in the city in 1774.  She was introduced to the practice of voodoo by various “voodoo doctors” (members who studied and practiced occult magic), and later went on to become acquainted with New Orelean’s social elite due to her job as a hairdresser. It wasn’t long before she was sought after for her dispensed potions, voodoo dolls, gris-gris bags (a pouch filled with animal bones and other magical ingredients meant to ward off demons and evil entities) and other various magical items.

Today, her name can be heard on a myriad of New Orleans tours, and tales about her alleged powers beyond the mere practice of voodoo still exist among some circles today.

Modern Day Psychic-ism in New Orleans

Today, New Orleans is home to dozens upon dozens of psychics claiming to possess the ability to predict the future or communicate with the deceased. They’re often found in some over-the-top, Gypsy-like garb in front of a folding card table with a handwritten sign offering live psychic readings. These aren’t the psychics true believers venture to the Big Easy for.

The most popular psychics today in New Orleans include people such as Cari Roy, the most acclaimed and trusted psychic in the city who is a third-generation medium. She has been featured on programs on the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, Fox News and the Travel Channel. She publishes an online magazine entitled The Psychic Insider, and has a slew of dedicated followers who come to her for counsel and advice.

While Cari Roy may not be as renowned or revered as Marie Laveau, she is just another example of the abundant history that has attributed to New Orleans’ reputation as one of the most unique and intriguing cities in the world.